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Your Online Digital Marketing Strategy – Building a Platform for Success

Who is our buyer ?

This is the fundamental question all digital marketers need to answer. We need to know this in a precise manner. We should spend time understanding our customer and their behaviour, that way we can add most value to the customer. When we want to know who our customer is we need to focus on certain aspects of that customer. We can look at demographics as a way to know who is our buyer.

Location: Local or International.

We need to ask ourselves is our customer local or Global. You may have a product such as digital marketing which is a truly global product. You may want to start local and then go global or maybe go global straight away. This will depend on your product or service and the resources we have. You will need to carry out market research and ultimately, you will need to test different platforms and markets to find out where your buyer is located.

Age/Gender: Demographics

When we are learning who our customer is, knowing their age and sex will tell us a great deal about the customer. If we know that we have a customer who is 20 years old male or a 65 year old female, we can be sure in most instances that they behave differently online. We can use our data to understand these aspects of our buyer.

Different buyers:

We can look deeply into our data and start to investigate different buyers for different products/services. We will see that each of our products can attract different buyers, who each behave differently. We can then start to look at our buyers based on the lead source generated.

Social ads:

A simple way to find our customer is to run a Social Media or Google Adwords advertizing campaign. We can offer something for free or a heavy discount and collect the data on the customer through analytics. We then measure who converted into paying customers and look at the data to find out age, sex, and location. After we have done this a number of times, we start to see a pattern and then a clearer picture of your customer starts to appear.

Target Audience: 
Two Questions: We need to ask our self-two questions,
  1. Who needs our product? This will help you to get a picture of you audience and 2
  2. What problem can I solve for the customer? Everybody has a problem, there is a solution for that problem, the trick is finding the solution and then delivering the solution.
Shared Value:

When we are working within digital marketing we will have certain goals, these will be our business goals. You should be very clear about your digital marketing goals . The customers or website visitor will have a goal as well, for example, buying a product or reading information on a service you provide. At certain point our goals overlap and this is known as shared value.

The killer Switch:

If you can see that a digital marketing campaign is not working, then you need to stop the campaign. This is a great benefit of digital marketing, we can turn the tap on and off depending how our digital marketing campaigns are  preforming. If there is a problem, first stop, then evaluate and see what the problem is. If you can fix the issues there and then that is great. You can then learn from your mistakes and avoid them in the future.